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Useful Links
We are trying to create a comprehensive listing of tourism related sites for the Province of Ontario. To browse through thousands of travel-related links please pick a category on the left. While we try to keep current, we would appreciate hearing of any broken links you may find, or any new sites you think should be added. Just send us an e-mail. Why not BOOKMARK this page as your source for Ontario travel links?

Why not BOOKMARK this page as your source for Ontario travel links?

 General Travel Information
Tourism Regions
Counties, Cities, Towns & Villages
Transportation & Rentals
Parks, Conservation Areas, Camping Information 
 Hiking, Biking, Golf Birdwatching, etc.
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 All Terrain Vehicles
 Tour Operators


Tour operators and group organizers who are looking for creative, customized tour itineraries for groups of 15 or more travelling to Ontario or Quebec can contact CANTOURS, Inc., a Toronto-based receptive operator, at www.cantours.com. The friendly CANTOURS planners will be happy to assist tour operators and travel planners with their group programs.

For professional tour planners, group tour operators, and travel agents requiring more generalized information about North American group tourism suppliers, visit:

Ontario Tourism   www.ontariotravel.net
Ontario Motor Coach Association  www.omca.com
National Tour Association   www.ntaonline.com
American Bus Association   www.buses.org
Group Tour Magazine  www.grouptour.com

Leisure Group Travel  www.leisuregrouptravel.com



The Networks of North America represent an expanding group of tourism suppliers providing tour planning information to professional tour operators.
Each Tourism Network's purpose is to simplify tour planning for operators by providing creative yet practical tour itineraries, many in a ready-to-use format and listing attractive net rates. All the information necessary to plan tours to the state, province or region represented by a Tourism Network is contained in an easy-to-use Group Tour Manual.


New York Tourism Network
Phone: (914) 331-8608
Toll Free: 1-800-331-8908
Fax: (914) 331-8608


Pennsylvania Tourism Network
Phone: (717) 397-7740
Fax: (717) 397-6632


Québec Rendez-Vous Travel Network
Contact: Michel Iannantuono, ctp
Phone: (514) 375-0754
Toll Free: 1-800-363-8974 (U.S./Canada) Fax: (514) 375-3738
E-mail: clubtrs@login.net
Website: www.clubtrs.ca


Vermont Tourism Network
Phone: (802) 863-1122
Fax: (802) 658-2143
E-mail: vtourism@together.net
Website: www.govtn.com

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